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Quizlet Course Example - Beginner's German

After 2 months, here is my experience with using creating flashcards on

For those who don't know Quizlet is a free online flash-card creator. After you get to know it, you quickly learn it can do so much more than let you make study sets. Before I explain, let me tell you why I started using Quizlet.

I've taken plenty of courses. I've earned two Bachelor's Degrees, a Masters in Educational Technology, and as an educator I'm no stranger to "Professional Development". After working as a teacher for 4 1/2 years in various charter schools in Detroit I transitioned to working as a staff member at a local Community College. In the blink of an eye two years passed without me taking advantage of a huge perk of the job. I'm not talking about a 401k, I'm talking about the fact that I can enroll in any class I like and the college will pay my tuition. Finally, I resolved to take my first class ever at a Community College, German 101. 

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