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For those who don't know, Quizlet is a free online flash-card creator. After you get to know it, you quickly realize it can do so much more than just let you make study sets. Before I explain, let me tell you why I started using Quizlet.

I've taken plenty of courses in my lifetime. I've earned two Bachelor's Degrees, a Master's in Educational Technology, and as an educator I am no stranger to "Professional Development" sessions. I've worked as a teacher in various charter schools around Detroit before transition to working as a staff member at a local Community College. I've been in my current position for two 1/2 years but only recently did I decide to take advantage of one of the biggest perks of my job. I'm not talking about a 401k, I'm talking about the fact that if I want to enroll in a class at my work they will pay the tuition. This semester I decided to go for it and take German 101.

Learning a second language is hard. It takes time and practice. There are literally thousands of terms to memorize and be able to recall quickly. This is why using Quizlet to study for my German class was a natural fit. I could use it to study on my own and track my progress. Language by it's very nature is social concept. While it does not replace the social aspect of learning a language, you can use it to quiz you and the audio pronunciation is actually very good. After making a few notecard sets I got started quizzing myself.


Flashcards read you the terms and are meant as an introduction. Learn gives you the definition and has you type it in. If you don't know you can answer "I don't know" and it gives you the term to type. Spell is exactly what it sounds like. Quizlet will read you the term and provide you with the definition. You spell what you hear and it will correct any mistakes you make.


Match and Gravity are two fun ways to learn. In Match, you drag either the term or definition and match it with it's pair. In gravity you play a game like space invaders only you have to race against the asteroids (terms) by typing in the definition.

So far I've made 9 sets. Here are some of the pros and cons of using Quizlet.

If you would like to learn more, check out my Quizlet German 101 course. Click here to join my course. If you're still not sure, click the link and then click X when it prompts you to sign up. You can still see my study sets and try it for yourself. Of course, Quizlet has a paid version, which allows you to record your own voice and add images to your cards. I'm considering purchasing the paid version, and if I do I'll create a new blog post. If you have any questions or want to get started for yourself feel free to email me or check out my fiverr page.

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