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about me

I believe that education can and does change lives.

I love history and think that everyone has a story to tell. I find it interesting that in German, the word for history is the same word for story, Geschichte.

Whether you are a school, a company, an organization,
or a student, I want to help you reach your goals.

What is your story?

Learn about my involvement working with higher education students

STEAMz 2023.png
My opening presentation for the 2023 STEAMz Student Led Conference


From a student in a Student Success and Career Decision making course:

Scott was an amazing professor. He's not actually a professor, he's a tech guy at Schoolcraft that sets up the curriculum for professors but he took up the opportunity to become one. I am sl glad I was in his first class he had ever taught. He is so amazing and so caring. He gve us all his business card so he can keep in touch with us. So caring!!!!

From a professor I helped transition to online teaching, spring 2020:

I must compliment the work of Scott Davis.

When we switched to remote courses at the beginning of the pandemic, I got extremely nervous. Not being technology-savvy, I was sure I would have insurmountable problems with finishing the semester with my course, etc. I went into the office for the help which was available & fears were almost immediately allayed because of Scott. He talked me through the initial stuff & patiently answered my questions, which were many. He later met with me by Blackboard's Collaborate so that I could ask questions & try out the platform. This was of enormous value! I credit him with helping me finish the semester.

More folks are needed -- particularly in technology -- like Scott! I work with another institution as well and, in my experience, he is one-of-a-kind. Professionalism, patience, teaching ability, nuance knowledge, are just a few areas which come to mind when I consider his contribution!

From a Subject Matter Expert in building an accredited program:

Working with you and Dianne in creating the Pharmacy Tech program has been the high point of my time at Schoolcraft. Thank you so much!

Displayed here is the script used by my colleague and myself to present to all faculty at the Fall 2017 Schoolcraft Welcome Back Event


What you are viewing is the presenter notes version of our script. Many people don't realize the amount of planning and preparation required to run an effective PD session.

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Click to view pdf ---->


As a CAFE board member, I worked to design, develop, and deliver professional development to hundreds of faculty

background presentation


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follow up

CEU Credit





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breakout sessions

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