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I'm old enough to remember transitioning from paper maps to printed Mapquest directions. Simpler times for sure.

Students today are no doubt familiar with Google maps, but at what level? Why not use the software to teach Geography? The sample below shows how I made a custom map representing some of Detroit's automobile history.

Students can use Google maps to create their own maps. This fun activity is engaging, builds a sense of place, and allows students to tell their own story. Perhaps they would design an ideal road trip, or catalog their family history.

By using Google maps in this way, students are learning valuable skills, ones that could someday transfer to a career in GIS, data management, or something that doesn't even exist yet! Much like Google maps when I was younger. 

Photo by me: Taken from a plane over Belle Isle, Detroit

The Woodward Dream Cruise is an annual event in metro-Detroit where classic cars cruise up and down Woodward Ave for one weekend in August. The cruise starts at 8 mile and Woodward in Ferndale and ends in the city of Pontiac.


Most cruisers stick to Woodward in Oakland county, I encourage people to check out what Detroit has to offer. Below is a selection of some of the best sites of the Motor City.

By default all the layers on on this map. Click on the box to turn layers on or off. 


You can deselect any you like to customize your cruise.


If you have any additional suggestions for the map send me an email or tweet and I will consider adding them.

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