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Curriculum Design

Whether it is a single course or an entire program, let me help you with your curriculum needs. I have over 10 years experience designing effective curricula at many levels and across a wide variety of topics.

I work with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to align to inudstry standards.


Let me help your academic programs become accredited or maintain accreditation status. I've worked with several programs across a variety of disciplines, and can work with your experts to make sure your curriculum meets the rigorous academic standards for accreditation.

Teaching Online

Are you new to teaching online? Does your staff need training on teaching remotely either synchronously or asynchronously?

Most recently I have been working as a freelance English language instructor. I can help you or your student learn the basics of conversational English. I am a native English speaking from the United States and believe in creating confident language learners.

You can schedule a tutoring session on

Lesson Planning

Do you or your staff need help designing lesson plans? I am happy to help designed structured, well thought out and sequenced lesson plans to maximize student success. I enjoy building learning plans to meet the needs of diverse sets of learners.

Career Decision Making

Does your child not know what they want to do after high school? I've worked with hundreds of students to help them navigate the right path for them.


Whether it is a college or University, a trade school, or something else, I really enjoy helping young people find their way in this complex world.


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