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Scott Davis' Goals, 2 years ago and 2 years from now

NOTE: This page was created in 2013.
It's strange when I think of how much I have learned these past few years. 


2 years ago I started taking courses again at Michigan State University. MSU is where I earned my Bachelors and hopefully, this spring, it's where I'll earn my Masters in Educational Technology.

In one of my first classes as a Graduate student, I was asked to set some goals. 2 years later I am just reflecting on what I have learned and how it has changed me both as a teacher and as a person.

One of my goals was to learn about emerging technologies.

I am happy to say I've discovered new programs like:

  • RSS feeds

  • Web development software

  • Educational Networks 

  • Theory based approaches to teaching and learning with technology

Another goal of mine was to understand how I could better use technology in my job as a teacher. 

Two year ago I was still teaching at my first job. The school was new and fairly gifted with technology. The problem was not a lack of technology but a lack of understanding its proper role. As I worked through my Masters I would move to a school with almost no technology, and now to a school that focuses as technology as its key theme. Two years ago I wanted to understand how technology was going to change teaching. Two years from now I hope to be a technology leader among my peers and co-workers.

My goals, looking back, looking forward

Two years ago I knew technology would change the world, but I had no idea how complete it would be or how quickly it would change. Technology is what allowed me to find several jobs. It's given me a "virtual identity" and allowed me to access virtually any piece of information from my laptop, and now, my cellphone.

I hope to instill my love of technology to my students, in whatever capacity I am working. The MAET program has given me a solid grounding in Educational Theory and practice, now I must continue to learn and grow so I can pass on my passion to others. Doing this requires me to keep improving not only my skills with technology, but also with my content area and my teaching methods.

As I reflect on the goals I set for myself two years ago, I think of how I accomplished a majority of them, including many I didn't know I would set. As I look forward to the future, I am happy there is a sense of uncertainty because that holds a sense of promise.


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